Crisis Management / BCM

In private enterprises, unexpected crises that need to be overcome arise with greater and greater frequency. From industrial espionage and the embezzlement of funds by employees to extortion and kidnapping – every one of these crises is part of a company’s agenda nowadays. Unfortunately, few companies possess the expertise, the personnel manpower, or functioning structures to react accordingly to these various crises.

The AS crisis management package includes all organizational, personnel, and practical measures for optimally handling an emergency or a crisis in a structured manner regardless of the area. AS offers strategic security consulting at the highest level. Our goal is to provide the companies utilizing our consulting services with adequate protection as well as to prepare them effectively for the „unexpected“ over the long term. For sustained and long-term prevention, AS recommends you to integrate AS crisis management into your company. When diagnosing strikingly important security questions, don’t take any chances and put your trust in the international experience of AS.

• Creation of security analyses
• Development of security concepts
• Consulting services for safe travel in foreign countries
• Conception of internal and external security policies
• Investigation and assessment of the motives and behavior of perpetrators
• Analysis of risks and weaknesses
• Development of crisis management systems
• Consulting and operative services