Defence against industrial espionage

Absolute Security – Bringing back your security

Hardly anyone expects to be the target of industrial espionage- and that is the first weak point in your company!

If your work is important and valuable you can assume that other companies will do anything to get the results you worked so hard for
Due the worldwide tough competition and the continuous dependence of modern ways of information and communication, methods of espionage have developed rapidly. Do you have cameras, barries and security personnel? This may look good buts is certainly not enough to avoid industrial espionage. Absolute Security is specialised in defence against espionage and will prevent undesired deviation of information effectively.

We provide consulting in the areea of espionage technology and support companies and coroprate groups in all questions of security.
We will examine and test your company, your technical equipment, and even your hotel room for manipulation by third parties when you are traveling. In addition, we will optimise and your daily routines and train you to ensure the highest degree of protection against espionage attics. The most modern equipment of the highest standard of internationally recognised technology in the area defence against espionage along with confidentiality receive the highest priority; they are the corner stones of the work of Absolute Security.

Only you as our direct and only contact person know our assignment and only you will receive the results. To your environment, our team of specialists is almost invincible.

We consult you independent of dealers:
• Risk analysis and preventive measures
• High value systems for bugging protection
• Sensible data encoding
• Tap-proof rooms
• Tap-proof equipment
• Behavior

We urgently recommend: Please contact us only via public phones, prepaid mobile phones or secure internet connections.