Hotel Security

Security in hotels is becoming more and more important to guests. According to a Gallup poll, the „feeling of security“ is currently ranked high in the list of hotel guest wishes as a reason for hotel guest satisfaction. Nowadays especially, this wish is more current than ever.

Security should be present, but not intrusive. This is where our services can be implemented at your company. Due to our extensive experience in the creation and implementation of comprehensive security concepts in exclusive hotels, we can offer you the following options to support your company, among others:

• Planning and implementation of video technology
• Analysis of your existing or desired security concepts and their implementation
• Provision of specially trained employees (security officers) to fill an internal security position as well as to provide support for various tasks at your company.
• Screening your conference and meeting rooms to detect eavesdropping equipment
• Raising the awareness of your employees regarding the subject of security (every employee is a security employee)
• Providing all support needed in the area of personnel and organizational security

If you have any questions regarding our capabilities, please contact our office.