Private investigation

Absolute Security – The invisible investigator!

The focus of our investigative work is acquisition of information and evidence from a business as well as a private environment. We will investigate for nationally as well as Europe-wide. Aside from specialised and well-founded knowledge in business and in the insurance sector, our expertise acquired over years forms the well-founded basis for the work of our personnel in their investigative activity.

For our observations, we only use technology that meet the latest technical standard and that can be modified for the job at hand. Our inconspicuous operative vehicles complete the highly technological equipment of our staff.

Our investigation is done exclusively to fulfil the assignment and always in close cooperation with you and, if you wish, with cooperating law firms. The material collected in an observation is fully handed over to you.

At your request, we will acquire proof for:
• Legal proceedings
• Government actions
• Civil matters
• Criminal matters

In a business environment, our investigative portfolio includes:
• Uncovering of illegal labour
• Uncovering of insurance fraud
• Tracking down of delinquent debtors
• Investigation in case of theft and fraud
• Investigation of field staff
• Test buys and test thefts
• Investigation of recruits
• Personnel checks
• Investigation in case of continued pay during sick leave
• Investigation of illegal secondary employment of staff

In a private environment, our investigative portfolio includes:
• Custody matters
• Support matters
• Investigation concerning partnership matters and marital contrariety
• Detection of wire taps
• Tracking down of witnesses in traffic and criminal offenses
• Investigation of residence