Security consulting

Absolute Security – Providing consulting!

In all cases of prevention, defence and investigation, Absolute Security will generate a security concept for you in the scope of security consulting. We will focus on fulfilment of security requirements, especially protection of persons, property and non-material values.

Based on a thorough assessment of the structures at the location of the object to be secured, possible sources of danger and other risk factors, we will carry out a security, danger and risk analysis. A comparison of actual and target values show you the gaps in your security system and the tasks arising from this. Apart from the structural, personal and technical aspects, we will consider especially the organisational structure of your company and of your daily life. Security organisation as well as crisis and disaster management is included in the service portfolio of security consulting. Custom solutions for your security situation are our task and commitment. To fulfil these tasks, our strong team of experienced security experts is available to you.