Video surveillance

Absolute Security – Ensuring perfect camera angles!

Video surveillance is used for prevention, local observation and retroactive evaluation and preservation of evidence. Protect yourself, your property, your company and your products with professional video surveillance.

Our technology will give you the opportunity to call up your image information from any point worldwide by means of mobile phone/smart phone or internet if required. It is up to you to decide what will happen with the camera images. A good picture source is the basis for any video surveillance. Our product range has the right camera even for difficult backlighting situations, infrared illumination and bad light conditions.

We operate with cutting edge camera technology and the latest network situations, which puts us into the favourable position of transmitting digital video signals and therefore ensuring excellent local independence by using the most modern compression algorithms. This favourable system architecture makes administration of any number of cameras, client-server architecture and distributed installation easily possible by combining our components to a scaleable system. For video surveillance, we are strictly oriented to the standards of the market; this way we will guarantee you compatibility with other components such as digital matrix memory and additional software packets.