Absolute Security

To meet the high requirements of our clients, Absolute Security only cooperates with the best of the best.

In order to guarantee this standard, the company founder and former athlete -Ardian Bilali- selects his staff personally and ensures that continuous further training of his team receives the highest priority. Physical and mental fitness of all team members, along with the latest cutting edge equipment that complies with international standards form the precise and successful work of Absolute Security.

Team and management of Absolute Security always operate with a focus on the objective and treat every job with the highest level of confidentiality, absolute care and great commitment.

Ardian Bilali

Managing Director

The founder and Managing Director of Absolute Security GmbH has been successfully active in the security branch for the past 25 years. The trained bodyguard and private investigator is one of the best in his branch.

Not only do the clients value his professionalism, but also his integrity and discretion. His team of specialists include ex-elite soldiers, martial artists, investigators from diverse public authorities and technical and psychological consultants.

Thomas Broskowski

Technical Manager

The communications engineer with more than 24 years of experience is the expert for video surveillance systems at Absolute Security.

With his technical know-how and his distinct ability to analyze situations and understand the needs correctly, he is the strong point of contact for all aspects of video technology.

K. H. Jafari

Area Manager

In his capacity as the Absolute Security GmbH Area Manager, the former elite soldier is responsible for the strategic project planning and implementation.

His profile is rounded off by his military background and his close combat and de-escalation techniques training in conflict situations.

Markus Reichl

Close Combat Trainer

Mr. Reichl is in charge of the field of close combat training for our staff. He has wide ranging experience in sports training.

In 1997 he successfully completed the training as an IHK certified bodyguard and has since specialised as lecturer for close combat training in the field of the protection of persons.

His sports achievements include, among others, the 7th Dan of the KK-Ryu (Grand Master degree), 1st Dan Hap-Ki-Do, Systema (Old-Russian fighting art), German Champion and multiple times State Champion in full contact fighting, techniques and breaking. As a guest instructor for various armed forces and police units, he is a specialist in close combat. His current self-defence style that is mainly based on the basic techniques of HK-Ryu, also incorporates elements from the most effective fighting systems such as Systema, Krav Maga and some others as well.

The training of staff in guard and security services is often carried out by martial artists. Unfortunately, martial arts have the propensity to incorporate too many unnecessary elements and sportive aspects. They are often adequate, however not always, especially when one does not want to get drawn into excesses during self-defence. Often, the techniques do not offer any realistic positions and answers. It was with this in mind that the training concept of AS was created with the cooperation of several specialists from the guard and security trade / persons protection. True to the motto, as little as possible, as much as necessary, everything from soft methods all the way up to knock-out techniques will be imparted.


You can place your trust in us!
As we give priority to trust and discretion, please understand that we can only provide you with references in individual cases – and only if the order necessitates this.