Absolute Security

Security technology

Absolute Security – Risk minimisation through the ages!

With our technology, you have the possibility to securely retrieve the image information from any point on earth using mobile phones/smartphones or the Internet, if required. You alone decide what happens to the camera images.

We work with the most modern camera technology and the most up-to-date network situation, which, through the use of modern compression algorithms, are in the advantageous position of being able to transmit digital video signals and thus guarantee exorbitant location independence. This advantageous system architecture makes it easy to manage any number of cameras, client-server architecture and distributed installation, and combines our components into a scalable system. For video surveillance, we strictly follow market standards and thus guarantee you compatibility with further components, such as digital image storage and additional software packages.

Defence against industrial espionage

Absolute Security – Bringing back your security

We consult:

  • Risk analysis and preventive measures
  • High value systems for bugging protection
  • Sensible data encoding
  • Tap-proof rooms
  • Tap-proof equipment
  • Behavior

We urgently recommend:
Please contact us only via public phones, prepaid mobile phones or secure internet connections.

Hardly anyone expects to be the target of industrial espionage- and that is the first weak point in your company!

If your work is important and valuable you can assume that other companies will do anything to get the results you worked so hard for
Due the worldwide tough competition and the continuous dependence of modern ways of information and communication, methods of espionage have developed rapidly. Do you have cameras, barries and security personnel? This may look good buts is certainly not enough to avoid industrial espionage. Absolute Security is specialised in defence against espionage and will prevent undesired deviation of information effectively.

We provide consulting in the areea of espionage technology and support companies and coroprate groups in all questions of security.
We will examine and test your company, your technical equipment, and even your hotel room for manipulation by third parties when you are traveling. In addition, we will optimise and your daily routines and train you to ensure the highest degree of protection against espionage attics. The most modern equipment of the highest standard of internationally recognised technology in the area defence against espionage along with confidentiality receive the highest priority; they are the corner stones of the work of Absolute Security.

Only you as our direct and only contact person know our assignment and only you will receive the results. To your environment, our team of specialists is almost invincible.

Drone Defence

The first mobile drone detection system in the world!

Private drones are increasingly being put to private use. This also unfortunately increases the risks that can develop from the use of such an airborne device. You have protected your private property against unauthorized intrusions and prying eyes!

Please contact us in order to make a consultation appointment at short notice in order to discuss this subject.

When organising events, you have coordinated constructional measures in combination with personnel in order to prevent disturbances!
This unfortunately does not have validity for airspace. Drones are able to take high resolution photographs of your private surroundings or your company premises without this hardly being noticed. You are not even protected from the interior of your home being spied on in this regard.

Not only can drones take photographs of your private area, they can also place objects that could face you with an additional risk.

Absolute Security cooperates with the developer of a unique Drone defence system. Dedrone GmbH has developed the Drone Tracker that comprises diverse sensors that work together. This results in drones in your private airspace being detected and – if desired- signalled to your internal alarm system. Direct defensive measures are also possible in this case.

Crisis Management / BCM

Absolute Security offers strategic security consulting at the highest level

In private enterprises, unexpected crises that need to be overcome arise with greater and greater frequency. From industrial espionage and the embezzlement of funds by employees to extortion and kidnapping – every one of these crises is part of a company’s agenda nowadays. Unfortunately, few companies possess the expertise, the personnel manpower, or functioning structures to react accordingly to these various crises.

The AS crisis management package includes all organizational, personnel, and practical measures for optimally handling an emergency or a crisis in a structured manner regardless of the area. AS offers strategic security consulting at the highest level. Our goal is to provide the companies utilizing our consulting services with adequate protection as well as to prepare them effectively for the “unexpected” over the long term. For sustained and long-term prevention, AS recommends you to integrate AS crisis management into your company. When diagnosing strikingly important security questions, don’t take any chances and put your trust in the international experience of AS.

Preparation of safety analyses

  • Development of security concepts
  • Consulting services for safe travel in foreign countries
  • Conception of internal and external security policies
  • Investigation and assessment of the motives and behavior of perpetrators
  • Analysis of risks and weaknesses
  • Development of crisis management systems
  • Consulting and operative services

Personal Protection / VIP care

Whereever you go – Absolute Security does not leave you alone!


Personal Protection is one of the most risky and sensitive areas in our company; it is based on absolute trust and discretion. Personal protection places high requirements on our operative staff, since often there is an actual and imminent risk for the protected persons.

We look after public personalities, artists, athletes, persons of the business community and private persons that are exposed to a high risk. A very exact security and situational analysis, coupled with close cooperation with the competent national authorities form the basis for optimal personal security; these are of key importance. Due to our long-standing activity in the area, we have excellent contacts to national authorities and guarantee the highest level of security standards. Our operative staff – most of them with basic public training – participate in regular further training where they are coached in highly capable training units by qualified coaches and managers. One of the strengths of our company is accompanying abroad those in our trust; we would like to inform you about this in a personal meeting.

For many years, we have successfully looked after artists and athletes on the most various occasions. As our personnel is very sophisticated and excellently trained our VIP clients absolutely trust our work so that Absolute Security is their first choice when it comes to VIP care. For us, it goes without saying that our staff can blend into the event, this way staying discreetly in the background to become involved only if it is really necessary. To be able to look after our clients absolutely, our personnel uses their own frequency-protected radio technology for internal communication.

Claims Management

Absolute Security – Ensuring that you receive your dues!


Reminders, dunning and enforcement orders consume time, money, and cause headaches; they are a burden to your daily business. With Absolute Security expert team you will have time to concentrate on the essentials of your life.

 In close cooperation with renowned law firms, the Absolute Security team will take care of your claims. We do not accept cash payments from debtors; your outstanding moneys will be paid directly into your account by the debtor.

Our methods are unusual, efficient and always legal. Using cutting edge technology, psychological expertise and focused analysis, our specialist team is able to find every debtor in order to claim your dues. The technical and psychological expertise of our specialists – all with faultless reputation and clean criminal record – is supplemented by their impressive appearance, which will considerably increase a debtor’s readiness to settle his account as fast as possible. Almost two decades of collective experience in claims management will guarantee you to achieve your objective with Absolute Security.

Ask us for possible measures and arguments – we will be glad to provide more information.

Video surveillance

Absolute Security – Ensuring perfect camera angles!

Video surveillance is used for prevention, local observation and retroactive evaluation and preservation of evidence. Protect yourself, your property, your company and your products with professional video surveillance.

The basis of every video surveillance is a good image source. Our range has the right camera even for difficult backlight situations, infrared illumination and poor lighting conditions.

Event security

Absolute Security – Keeping an overview for you!

Absolute Security has the experience and the resources in terms of personnel and material to take charge of and ensure security requirements for large events. We emphasise especially optimal operative use of our personnel. We follow the principle of – “Security is invisible, service is present”.

Your guests will want to feel good rather than having to face a massive security force. Therefore the idea of service is always on our mind when we select our staff. We will offer you highly trained personnel for the most various areas.

  • Access control by our staff to the outer and inner event areas.
  • Control and surveillance of the parking space.
  • Monitoring of the event guests in the outer and inner area.
  • Taking charge of security-relevant tasks in the overall area of influence of an event.
  • Closest cooperation in continuous contact with public services on the job (police, fire brigade) and the event organiser. This naturally includes active participation in the first and the concluding briefing.
  • Independent provision of first aid. Independent provision of danger prevention for objects (including fire prevention and fire fighting).
  • Special protection for actively involved persons, especially singers, musicians, band members, politicians or speakers.

Security consulting

Absolute Security – Providing consulting!


In all cases of prevention, defence and investigation, Absolute Security will generate a security concept for you in the scope of security consulting. We will focus on fulfilment of security requirements, especially protection of persons, property and non-material values.

Based on a thorough assessment of the structures at the location of the object to be secured, possible sources of danger and other risk factors, we will carry out a security, danger and risk analysis. A comparison of actual and target values show you the gaps in your security system and the tasks arising from this. Apart from the structural, personal and technical aspects, we will consider especially the organisational structure of your company and of your daily life. Security organisation as well as crisis and disaster management is included in the service portfolio of security consulting. Custom solutions for your security situation are our task and commitment. To fulfil these tasks, our strong team of experienced security experts is available to you.

Chauffeur service

Absolute Security – Exclusive service with excellent driving competence!


Our extensive service portfolio includes also an exclusive chauffeur service. Absolute Security’s chauffeur service is available on an hourly basis, for whole days or for journeys and upon special request. We will provide various, prestigious vehicles with corresponding high-quality furnishing. Armoured vehicles in various protective classes will only be used upon request. Our chauffeurs have been trained for the vehicle type they are driving; they are regularly trained in coping with extreme situations. If desired, with will provide chauffeurs that are additionally trained in close protection.

Our chauffeur services include:

  • Private tours
  • VIP personnel transport
  • Chauffeur service
  • Airport transfers
  • Long-distance service
  • Business trips

Hotel Security

Absolute Security – For a feeling of safety!

Security in hotels is becoming more and more important to guests. According to a Gallup poll, the “feeling of security” is currently ranked high in the list of hotel guest wishes as a reason for hotel guest satisfaction. Nowadays especially, this wish is more current than ever.

Security should be present, but not intrusive. This is where our services can be implemented at your company. Due to our extensive experience in the creation and implementation of comprehensive security concepts in exclusive hotels, we can offer you the following options to support your company, among others:

We take care of:

  • Planning and implementation of video technology
  • Analysis of your existing or desired security concepts and their implementation
  • Provision of specially trained employees (security officers) to fill an internal security position as well as to provide support for various tasks at your company.
  • Screening your conference and meeting rooms to detect eavesdropping equipment
  • Raising the awareness of your employees regarding the subject of security (every employee is a security employee)
  • Providing all support needed in the area of personnel and organizational security

If you have any questions regarding our capabilities, please contact our office.

Object protection

Absolute Security – Making your object secure!


In the area of object protection, Absolute Security is available for a wide range of services of company and industrial areas, exhibition rooms, housing estates of any size and for embassy and trade fair locations.

In the scope of object protection, we provide the following services:

  •  Access control to building, rooms and installations
  • Object- and factory protection
  • Supervision of construction sites
  • Technical building security
  • Check-up tours with patrol cars or bicycle patrols
  • Checks for exterior lock safety and integrity; opening and closing service gates and reception
  • Monitoring of personal and vehicle traffic
  • Guests services
  • Supplier processing
  • Key administration
  • Monitoring of alarm systems
  • Holiday surveillance

Tailored to your requirements, we will offer you individual object-related surveillance solutions with personnel examined and certified by the authorities.

Private investigation

Absolute Security – The invisible investigator!


The focus of our investigative work is acquisition of information and evidence from a business as well as a private environment. We will investigate for nationally as well as Europe-wide. Aside from specialised and well-founded knowledge in business and in the insurance sector, our expertise acquired over years forms the well-founded basis for the work of our personnel in their investigative activity.

For our observations, we only use technology that meet the latest technical standard and that can be modified for the job at hand. Our inconspicuous operative vehicles complete the highly technological equipment of our staff.

Our investigation is done exclusively to fulfil the assignment and always in close cooperation with you and, if you wish, with cooperating law firms. The material collected in an observation is fully handed over to you.

At your request, we will acquire proof for:

  • Legal proceedings
  • Government actions
  • Civil matters
  • Criminal matters

In a business environment, our investigative portfolio includes:

  • Uncovering of illegal labour
  • Uncovering of insurance fraud
  • Tracking down of delinquent debtors
  • Investigation in case of theft and fraud
  • Investigation of field staff
  • Test buys and test thefts
  • Investigation of recruits
  • Personnel checks
  • Investigation in case of continued pay during sick leave
  • Investigation of illegal secondary employment of staff

In a private environment, our investigative portfolio includes:

  • Custody matters
  • Support matters
  • Investigation concerning partnership matters and marital contrariety
  • Detection of wire taps
  • Tracking down of witnesses in traffic and criminal offenses
  • Investigation of residence


Absolute Security – Security and service provider in one!

Ask us for possible fields of operation, we will be glad to provide more information.


You will create a higher level of security and customer comfort in your business by employing doorman of Absolute Security. Our trained doorman combine the highest level of security competence with pleasant service for your customers. Apart from perfect manners, our doorman have a very sure and self-confident demeanor.

Our doorman will monitor your shop inconspicuously and efficiently – by checking the whole area, from the shop floor to recreation rooms and parking lots. At the same time, our doorman act in a service-oriented manner and are available to your customers for questions and problems. Our doorman are flexible and can be employed specifically for your requirements.