Training at Absolute Security

To ensure that only the best of the best work for Absolute Security, we train our staff and we emphasise continous further training of our team. This is the only way we can ensure the high and justified requirements of our clients optimally and professionally.

Our work requires absolute fitness, ability to concentrate and endurance. Only persons who fulfil these requirements are sure to act fast, effectively and most of all correctly in extreme situations. To achieve this we cooperate only with the best trainers and coaches from various areas.

The operative personnel of Absolute Security is trained by Mr. Markus Reichl, trainer of different Special Forces in North-Rhine-Westphalia in the area of martial arts. His experience in martial arts influences his individually developed style that forms the extremely high training standard of our team.

In the area of boxing – where especially reaction, endurance and body control are required – our personnel is trained by Mr. Dimitri Kirnos, a boxing legend from the Ukraine and former coach of Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko.

In the area of target practice of frequency of our training units exceeds the standard required by the authorities by far. Handling weapons requires the highest degree of concentration and absolutely safe handling, which can only achieved by intensive and practical training in order to save lifes.


Observation – die King’s discipline

Observation is the “King’s discipline” in the field of detection. Only in the rarest of rare cases, is it desirable that the particular target person is aware of the observation. Therefore, as a rule, observation is conducted undercover and has various opportunities with respect to the goals. The participants in this seminar will, in the context of this training course, learn the legal and tactical features of observation. Here, using different technical support mechanisms, the know-how for a customer and target-oriented observation operation shall be imparted, using a mix from practice and theory.


During the investigation phase, the objective is basically the collection of information. Here, the options available for obtaining the information are discussed, legal restrictions are explained and the basic principles, such as e.g. plausibility assessments are presented in the course of practical sessions. The participants should subsequently be able to carry out investigations, to examine data and to furnish objective evaluations.

The driver for special deployments

Here, the emphasis is on the handling of special vehicles. It is not only the properties of specially protected vehicles that will be dealt with, but also of those vehicles that have additional tactical uses. In the context of the physical driving principles, the participants will learn the special handling procedures for these types of vehicles as well as the special driving-dynamic rules meant for the drivers of persons who have to be especially well protected.

The detective in practice

Today, detectives have to comply with very many things in their daily work practice. Whether it be legal aspects, requirements of the customer (in-house regulations), tactical elements or even marketing themselves. All of these aspects and many others play a role in their day-to-day work.

In the framework of this training, the employees will learn how to reconcile all these things and still be able to work effectively. In this seminar, the influences that affect their work will be examined from different sides in order to enable the employee to make his work simpler and more effective. The use of technical aids for support purposes will also be explained, through which the work, not only for the detective but also for the customer, becomes more transparent.

Technological options / Handling the technologies

Technology is steadily gaining in importance in the field of security. Here, on the one hand, the currently available technological options will be discussed (e.g. counter-surveillance, observation without personnel etc.) and on the other hand, the handling of this technology, as well. Through the provision of technologically very high grade equipment by AS GmbH, the participants will have the opportunity to also practise the use of these technological options. They will also discover the possibilities of how their daily work can be simplified by the targeted use of technology. For this, special seminars can also possibly be arranged that will be aligned to your specific requirements. Please contact our team in this regard.

Security at events / Major events

Safety at events and at major events begins much before the actual event itself. It may be the inspection of objects, customer discussions or situation briefings. Comprehensive planning is the key to an interruption-free event. As a rule however, in the implementation on the day of the event, the innovation capabilities of the controllers of the operation are what is actually sought after. In this seminar, the basic principles for the planning of events will be dealt with, as well as the execution of the actual event. The eventualities and the specifics of very high grade events will be discussed in detail. The objective is to provide the employees as well as the managers with the opportunity to allow any gathering to become an event.

Practical close combat / Intervention and security techniques

Due to the increasing crime and propensity to violence in our society, the interest in effective self-protection seminars is increasing. In our trainings, you will become acquainted with target-oriented attacking and defensive techniques for your personal protection and will be trained in these in the course of practical trainings. Our close combat system is considered to be a quick to be learned, highly effective self defence system with direct attacking techniques and without too many sportive elements. The basic principles are the techniques of hitting and the teaching of how to move. The trainees should be in a position to disable the opponent through targeted blows to anatomically important body points. Aside from that, defensive techniques to protect from blows, kicks and cut and thrust weapons will be taught. In the advanced course, participants will be trained in effective defensive and disarming techniques against knives and pistols. Leverage, pinning and transportion grips will be taught as part of the attacking and securing techniques.

Self-defence for store detectives

For a long time, we have been observing a creeping change in the behaviour towards employees in all aspects of security, even towards the security staff of the state. These trainings offer you the opportunity to be trained in attacking and securing techniques and to learn more strategies on de-escalation and protecting yourself. These seminars are directed at managers, operation heads and staff who carry out security related tasks in the fields of public and private premise rights.

Handling people who disrupt

There are unfortunately disrupters in many fields of activity. It could be people who try, during an event, to influence the mood in a negative way or, in the private area of the envious, who want to give voice to their imaginary anger. All these have one thing in common. They are initiated by a single person or by a group whose actions must be stopped as quickly as possible. Here, the participants will learn, through various, practice-related role plays, how to handle such people and that this must always be done in a way that is suited to the situation. A smooth end to the disturbance together with thoughts regarding its prevention is always the objective of this training.


Sensitisation to security

Sensitising you, your family or your staff is a basic requirement for increasing your personal security as well as for the security of your company. Generally, it is the small, banal “errors” that escalate into a relevant security incident in the future. Here, the basic prerequisites are created in order to provide the participants with an understanding for security issues so that that they can themselves become actively involved in increasing internal security.

Behaviour in dangerous situations

Do you feel unsafe? You already know the feeling in situations in which you were exposed to a potential danger? This is where our training comes into play. After a customised analysis of your dangerous situations, we shall train you in the handling of and your behaviour in such moments. You will be given modes of behaviour that will allow you to find a way out of such situations and if required, to avoid such dangerous situations before they occur, through preventive measures. Prior to the personal training, an intensive discussion will take place so that possible dangerous moments can be identified. In some cases, an insight into your daily routine may also be required in order to optimise the course of action to be taken here, as well.

Handling security technology

The technological options in the field of security are becoming more complex every day. Be it in the operation of the surveillance technology, the configuration of an intrusion detection system, utilising the advantages of personal protective equipment (PPE) or the protection from being spied on by drones. In the framework of this seminar, you will receive the required familiarity in the operation of the technology that is necessary for you personally. Firstly, we shall carry out an analysis of your personal requirement in order to be able to offer you a target-oriented solution.


“Compliance only affects public limited companies. Fortunately, that has nothing to do with us.” This statement is unfortunately incorrect. The subject of compliance affects every company nowadays. Even today, we have very many laws that fall under the generic term Compliance. For example, the lawmakers have increased the company fines through the eighth amendment to the Restriction of Competition Act (GWB) of 26.06.2013. Instead of the earlier Euro One million, now up to Euro Ten million can be imposed as company fines according to § 30 of the Regulatory Offences Act (OwiG) for sanctioning purposes; this is an option whenever managers of a company have committed company-related offences or regulatory offenses. A penalty is also possible when the employee has committed an offence or a regulatory offence that was made possible or was made easier by a failure in the supervision (§§ 30, 130 of the OWiG). The lawmaker clarifies that by doing this, even violations of supervisory duties can lead to substantial fines. On the basis of this alone, one can perceive the importance of the subject of Compliance in your company, as violations of any of the many regulations can substantially lower your company’s performance. In the framework of this seminar, the awareness for the subject of Compliance will be created and the basic knowledge on this subject will be provided.

Security while travelling

Whether is a private trip, a holiday or a business trip, security while travelling plays an increasingly important role today. In order to offer you or your staff the greatest possible amount of security, we will train you, your secretary or your travel department in all the security-related issues. In specific countries, the most varied security incidents are increasing. Here, we get and process daily updates of the relevant, worldwide incidents that go into our planning and recommendations, immediately. From simple theft to the targeted pilfering of data and up to state-organised blackmail. A comprehensive, security-related travel plan can certainly offer good protection from such incidents. Beginning with the recommendations for safe destinations and up to suggestions for appropriate behaviour, we give you the appropriate means to make your journey safe. Additionally, there is the opportunity – together with your travel department – to create a concept for the evaluation of security-relevant occurrences for all the trips made by your company’s employees. Through the evaluation of trips made in the past, future plans can be made that are safer and more efficient.

Safe handling of information

Information is the basis of all business decisions. Today, more than ever before the old proverb is still applicable “Knowledge is power”. It affects us even more when we note that information – that is confidential – has come into the hands of unauthorised persons. In the ideal case, one can still identify the source and prevent the further outward flow of information. As a rule however, this outward flow of information takes place unnoticed. It is only after time has passed that suspicion grows that relevant data has been passed on to third parties. This is what this training builds on. As an extension to the security sensitisation, you and your staff will be trained in the safe handling of data. Very often only changes or supplements to existing, organisational processes ensure a much safer handling of data. The carrier of the information will be trained, as part of his daily behaviour, to detect deviations from the norm and to prevent an unwanted outflow of information.